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My grandfather (mom's dad) passed away in his home at age 91 on 4/12.

Seven days later and four blocks away, my grandmother (dad's mom) died in her home at age 87.

I'm 42 years old and I realize how lucky I am to have had them as long as I have. I'm going to hang on pretty tightly to my last remaining grandparent (dad's dad) for as long as I can.

It's been the longest two weeks I can remember in my entire life.

Never read the comments

I am firmly convinced that the average intelligence of the people who post comments on YAHOO! articles is at least 25% lower than that of pretty much everyone else on the web.

Television Schedule

I'm not much into TV. I regularly watch only about 2 hours a week until NFL season. Sometimes I do turn CNN or the History Channel on in the kitchen when I'm cooking or clearing up, but I wouldn't call that watching.

One of the things I do watch is True Blood. I adore that show and I go to unnatural lengths to ensure that we are home, that dinner is made and that everything else on the planet can be put on hold between 8:00pm and 9:00pm on Sunday night.

Likewise, I watch the Dallas Cowboys. I don't care who likes them or whether it's popular to like them - I've been a fan for 36 years - which is longer than many of my online friends have been alive.

So imagine my horror when I realized tonight that the first regular season game for the Cowboys (against their long-time rival, the Washington Redskins) is scheduled for Sunday evening, September 12. THE SAME NIGHT AS THE TRUE BLOOD SEASON FINALE! JFC!

DVR or no, this is complete and utter bullshit. Heads. Should. Roll.

And to think I used to LIKE people

Dear Lady-Who-Runs-the-Sewing-Shop,

I'm sorry I inquired after a replacement part for a machine whose manufacturer's name HANGS ON A SIGN OUTSIDE YOUR STORE. If you aren't fond of the brand, their products or their practice of selling their sewing machines at chain stores, perhaps you should stop associating yourself with them.

Also, if it annoys you to look up a part and see if you have it in stock when I've given you the model number then maybe you should...I don't know...DIAF?

Two out of three times you've been rude and shitty and this time, I am NOT buying my part from you. Nor will there even BE a next time.

No love,


Well, this is nice

As if this winter hadn't been a big enough pain in the ass, I awoke to a nice sheet of ice on everything. (In all fairness, the forecast warned of this!)


It's pretty - at least it has that going for it.

We lost power this evening. Inconveniently it occurred just as I had tossed my egg noodles into the broth for supper. (Electric stove, wouldn't you know?) Luckily, there was a nearly full tank of propane in the barbecue grill and I stood outside in the freezing rain to finish cooking. I think it tasted especially wonderful after half-freezing my ass off to make it.

Luckily, our lights were back on by 9:30 tonight; it didn't even have a chance to get that cold in the house. I really feel for some of the 24,000 people around the state right now who won't have theirs on for a day or two. Sometimes there is a benefit to living in the city. (Of course, if I lived in the country, it might be easier to get a permit for a fireplace or wood-burning stove!)

In any event, I will be so happy when it's finally spring.



I've heard this word at least a dozen times already today. Can we please stop now? I mean, there are, what ... a quarter-million words in the English language? PICK ANOTHER WORD ALREADY.

And with that, I say my New Year's resolution was to start using this journal. So I'm late, but I'm still using it!!! That totally counts.


Every NFL team I favored today had to LOSE.

Dammit. Dallas better pull through tomorrow or I'm going to be on a serious downer.

Sep. 12th, 2009

Wow ... Grandpa got his driver's license renewed. On his 90th birthday.

I'm not entirely sure how I feel about this.
Let me see ... a national health care system like they have in Britain is socialist but shouting out during the President's speech as if you were at a meeting of Parliament is not?

On the other hand if we can't have rational dialogue and reasonable compromise, I for one will find the victory all the sweeter if we drag them behind our hybrid cars bring the right-wing along kicking and screaming.

What the hell?

It's August for Christsakes! Yes, I know. Hobby Lobby with their one little token Halloween row, but still. Christmas is four months away; One-third of the freakin' year is left to go until we get there.